Xigole Systems

Last update 2/20/2009


At Xigole Systems, we take your privacy very seriously. We have created this online privacy policy so that you can better understand how we will treat any personal information that you share with us. Personal information is any information that can be used to identify you individually, including your name, email address, home or work address and so on.

If you provide us with any personal information through our website we may share the information with other divisions within Xigole Systems. Additionally, we may share some of that information with our partners. It is our intention to only work with partners who share our strong desire to keep your information secure and private.


Xigole Systems uses session cookies to simplify your use of our website. A cookie is a small amount of text that is stored on your computer and is associated with the website you are visiting. It can be used to track your movement through a website. Session cookies are used to maintain state information about your session - the time that you spend on our site. Session cookies only exist while your browser is running. Additionally, your session on our site times out after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Xigole Systems only uses cookies to prevent you from having to log into password protected sections of our site again after you have already logged in once. Even with this technology you may be required to login again at some point as cookies have a "lifetime" and your browser may remove them for a variety of reasons.

Xigole Systems uses Google Analytics to assist us in positioning the website better in search results and to better understand how our viewers use our site. Google Analytics sets cookies to collect their data. We believe that the Google privacy policy is consistent with our goals of maintaining your privacy. Note that we do not have any other third party cookies anywhere on our site. Third party cookies are cookies from other web sites that are not directly related to Xigole Systems and are commonly used for advertisements.

Virtually all modern browsers allow you to manage your cookies files and the way in which your browser deals with cookies. You can choose not to accept cookies from us if you would prefer. If you do this you may be required to login in multiple places within your session.

Other tracking technology

Xigole Systems explicitly does not use web bugs or web beacons in our web pages. We feel that cookie technology is sufficient for our purposes. Depending on your browser, web bugs may not allow a user to "opt out" as cookies do and that would go totally against the intention of our privacy policy.

Additional information collected

Xigole Systems uses a standard web server log file for maintenance and improvement of our website. This file contains information about the pages that are browsed. It includes the IP address of your machine or firewall, the time at which the request was made, the request itself, and the browser and operating system you are using. It contains no personal information. Even if you have a static IP address (for example, if you have a broadband connection or other "always on" connection), Xigole Systems does not tie IP addresses to cookies.

What we do with the personal information you provide

Xigole Systems uses the personal information you provide for mailing lists and notification of special events. When you give us your information you must "opt in" for mailings. The default is always to assume that you don't need any more email in your in box.

All personal information you provide to us is kept with reasonable and appropriate steps to protect it from unauthorized access or disclosure. While we cannot guarantee privacy perfection, we will address any issues to the best of our abilities as soon as possible.

Externally referenced sites

Our site, like most on the internet, has hyperlinks to sites that are outside of our control. We cannot take any responsibility for these sites or their content. It is impossible for us to enforce our privacy policy on these sites. We try to link only to sites we find useful and unobtrusive but given the dynamic nature of web content there are times when an external link will be invalid, inappropriate, or implement policies that we do not agree with.

Children's privacy

While our website contains no adult material and is not targeted for children, we will not collect any personal information from anyone we know to be under 13 years of age.


We hope that this page has answered your questions about our privacy policy. But if it hasn't, please feel free to contact us at privacy@xigole.com with any questions or concerns. Thanks for visiting us.