Xigole Systems

Xigole Systems provides enterprise class system consulting covering a wide variety of platforms and disiplines. Our staff has first hand experience in implementing scalable, reliable, high performance systems. We don't try to sell you services that you don't need but we also won't underbid for your business if we don't think we can provide a quality solution.

Our focus is on Java and J2EE based solutions. As with any toolset, we are aware that J2EE does not replace the need for a balanced, properly designed solution. To that end we will spend a great deal of time with you designing your solution with the future in mind. We want you to have a solution that will grow with you.

In short, we are your one stop shop for enterprise capable system design and development. Areas of expertise that Xigole Systems has available include:

  • WebLogic Platform - Solutions engineering, administration and tuning. We have a solid background in the WebLogic Platform (WebLogic Server, WebLogic Portal, and WebLogic Integration) from a design and implementation perspective. Additionally, we have experience configuring clusters for performance and fail over.
  • System Administration - Extensive Solaris and Linux administrative capabilities from hardware through operating system patches. We have experience configuring firewalls, DHCP, DNS, email, IMAP/POP, the Apache http server, the Apache Tomcat server and others.
  • Database administration - Sybase, Oracle, and PostgreSQL database administration from installation through performance tuning including logical and physical database design.
  • Solaris, Linux, and Windows 2000 device driver design and development.
  • Technical writing and documentation.

Xigole Systems maintains a cross-platform development and implementation environment available for projects. We specifically cover Solaris on SPARC and Intel platforms, RedHat Linux on Intel, and the Windows NT family, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Our database coverage includes Oracle, Sybase, MS/SQL, and PostgreSQL.

Lastly, Xigole Systems can host your web site and email. We run on Debian 64 bit Linux with the Apache HTTPD server fronting the Apache Tomcat servlet engine.

We support PostgreSQL with either a JDBC or libpg client interface.

Our email is filtered through Postfix and delivered via IMAP.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. Thanks!